Neil F. Johnson, Ph.D.
President, Johnson & Johnson Technology Consultants, LLC.

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Dr. Johnson is a consultant and lecturer. He provides courses and talks on topics information security, cryptography, steganalysis, and digital media forensics. He has a passion for teaching and regularly contributes to continuing education for Law Enforcement and Forensic examiners. He has been speaker/instructor supporting Law Enforcement training and education through the annual GMU conference sponsored by the Regional Computer Forensics Group (RCFG) and High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA).

Dr. Johnson has been researching topics related to information hiding and steganography since 1995. His passion and interest in the topic lead to a Ph.D. and continued post-doc research. He is a committee member for the International Information Hiding workshops/conferences. He has published or contributed to several books, published a number of papers, and provided numerous lectures.

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