Neil F. Johnson. Steganography. Technical Report. November 1995.

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5.1. Publications

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5.2. Software References

There are many other software applications available that provide steganographic results. This is just a sample of software available for the PC platform. Every effort is being made to credit the authors of the software reviewed in this paper. However, some authors wish to remain anonymous. Only links to software outside the United States are made below.

[Arachelian] Ray Arachelian, White Noise Storm,
Shareware 1992, 1993, 1994. pub/ cypherpunks/ steganography/

[Brown] Andy Brown, S-Tools for Windows, Shareware 1994. (version 3.0) (version 4.0 - not yet reviewed).

[Hastur] Henry Hastur, Stealth for PGP v1.1,
MandelSteg v1.0 and GIFExtract v1.0,

[Maroney] Colin Maroney, Hide and Seek v4.1, Freeware. pub/ cypherpunks/ steganography/

[JSteg] Independent JPEG Group, Jpeg-Jsteg v 4. pub/ crypt/ steganography.

[StegoDos] Author alias: Black Wolf,
StegoDos - Black Wolf's Picture Encoder v0.90B, Public Domain. pub/ cypherpunks/ steganography/

5.3. WEB Page Resources

AT&T Bell Laboratories Research Web Page,

Carl Landwehr (ed), Cipher -
Electronic Newsletter of the IEEE Computer Society’s TC on Security and Privacy, ITD/ 5540/ ieee/ cipher/ (see also ITD/ 5540/ ieee/ cipher/ cipher-links.html for an excellent listing of links to organizations and publications related to security).

Codex Links to Law Enforcement, Security, Intelligence, Investigative and Other sites, t_links.html.

Cypherpunks, pub/ cypherpunks/ index.html.

Digimarc® Corporation Web Site,

Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC),

National Security Institute Library, Library/ Library.html.

Security and Privacy Issues by Neil Johnson,

Steganography News Mailing List maintained by Markus Kuhn.
Information about the list can be found at ../sec/steglist.htm.


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