Neil F. Johnson. Steganography. Technical Report. November 1995.

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3.3.2 StegoDos

StegoDos is also known as Black Wolf's Picture Encoder version 0.90a. This is Public Domain software written by Black Wolf (anonymous). This is a series of DOS programs that require far too much effort for the results. It will only work with 320x200 images with 256 colors. To encode a message, one must:

  1. Run GETSCR. This starts a TSR which will perform a screen capture when PRINTSCREEN is pressed.

  2. View the image with a third-party image viewing software (not included with StegoDos) and press PRINTSCREEN to save the image in MESSAGE.SCR.

  3. Save your message to be embedded in the image as MESSAGE.DAT.

  4. Run ENCODE. This will merge MESSAGE.DAT with MESSAGE.SCR.

  5. Use a third party screen capturing program (not included with StegoDos) to capture the new image from the screen.

  6. Run PUTSCR and capture the image displayed on the screen.

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