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Steganography Tools


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    CAUTION: Make sure you download tools from a server in a country from which you are allowed to download software containing "strong cryptography".

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    Steganography Tools

  • Digital Image Steganography and Digital Watermarking Tool Table

    C source code for Covert Channels in the TCP/IP Protocol Suite by Craig H. Rowland. Published in fsT - mod@ (First Monday), Vol.2 No.5 - 5 May 1997. The article and source code are available from the author's site in "Covert channels in the TCP/IP protocol suite" at or at

    A DOS program that hides data in 320x200 256 color PCX-files. Available at

    by Romana Machado, author of Stego for the Mac. EzStego is "steganography made easy" available at
    EzStego is a reimplementation in Java.

    Hides data in a Morse code of null characters. Link will download the file. Available at (UK, DOS).

    by Andy Brown and Ken Pizzini available at and

    Hide 4 PGP
    Hides data in BMP, WAV, and VOC files.
    Download from (UK)

    Hide and Seek
    by Colin Maroney

    DOS hides information in the DCT coefficients of JPEG's JFIF image format. FTP-Server: (Finland)
    HTTP: (US)

    MP3Stego, MP3Stego_GUI
    by Fabien Petitcolas to hide data in MP3 audio files.
    Available at

    by Achmad Zaenuri is a Win32 applicatino with Delphi source code that claims to hide a file (of any type) inside MP3 without changing it's size and sound quality.
    Available from

    Paranoid is primarily an encryption program that allows you to encrypt files with IDEA, triple DES, and an algorithm written by the author Nathan Mariels. It is a steganography program in that it allows you to hide files in sounds.
    FTP-Server: (Germany),

    PGE - Pretty Good Envelope
    Hides data file into a GIF or JPG file of any size or resolution using a very simple method of appending the message to the file, and then appending a 4 byte little endian number which points to the start of the message. The encryption used is considered "weak" by the author, using another encryption method prior to applying PGE is recommended.
    Download from Version 1.0 includes encryption (UK)
    version 2.0
    does not (US).

    A Windows front-end to the program PGP, which will hide a text file inside text. Basically a PGP shell tool that also includes a steganography option. Two versions are available: (freeware) and an enhanced version (shareware). Both are available at (Portugal).

    One of the BEST Steganography tools available!
    FTP-Server: (Italy) (Finland)

    Windows PGP interface that includes an option to hide data in .PCX files. Available at (France).

    By Matthew Kwan is available in both DOS and JAVA executable formats.
    "snow exploits the steganographic nature of whitespace. Locating trailing whitespace in text is like finding a polar bear in a snowstorm. And it uses the ICE encryption algorithm, so the name is thematically consistent."
    Information and software is available at

    A PGP tool for steganography which strips any standard headers off of a PGP encrypted message to make the result look like random noise.
    Download the file from
    Stealth 2.01 for is available at in .ZIP format and in .tar.gz format
    For other PGP Tools see Cryptography and Encryption
    by Fabian Hansmann
    hides data in BMP, VOC, WAV and ASCII files. See for more information.

    by John Walker - Send encrypted messages and files which are undetectable and require no key! For more information and syntax see:

    Stego by Romana Machado is a steganography tool that enables you to embed data in Macintosh PICT format files, without changing the appearance or size of the PICT file. Thus, Stego can be used as an "envelope" to hide a previously encrypted data file in a PICT file, making it much less likely to be detected.
    Available at:

    Available at (Finland) and (Italy)

    Texto is a text steganography program which transforms uuencoded or PGP ascii-armoured ascii data into English sentences. Texto text files look like something between mad libs and bad poetry, (although they do sometimes contain deep cosmic truths) and should be close enough to normal english to get past simple-minded mail scanners.
    FTP-Server: (Finland)

    by Werner Bailer is a steganography tool for Windows 3.1/3.11 or Windows95/98. Use it to hide data in bitmaps, text files and HTML files to exchange data safely or store copyright information. Available at (Shareware - 30 day trial)

    contains DocSec - Invisible, scannable label for organizational document security. PrintAuthentic - Invisible, programmable background for official document authentication. SoftProtect - Built in marking mechanism for software protection. CopyRight - invisible page marking of for copyright protection of printed intellectual property. Information is available at

    Wnstorm (White Noise Storm) is a cryptography and steganography software package which you can use to encrypt and hide files within PCX images.
    Download at (Austria) and (Italy)

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