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list of accepted papers

This year, we received 78 submissions and accepted the following 27:

  Paper Title Author(s)
112 Bit-Plane Decomposition Steganography Combined with JPEG2000 Compression Hideki Noda, Jeremiah Spaulding, Mahdad N. Shirazi, Michiharu Niimi, Eiji Kawaguchi
116 Tracing the Source of a Shredded Document Jack Brassil
120 Detecting Low Embedding Rates Andreas Westfeld
124 Oblivious Hashing: Silent Verification of Code Execution Yuqun Chen, Ramarathnam Venkatesan,'Matthew Cary, Ruoming Pang, Saurabh Sinha, Mariusz Jakubowski
125 Direct Embedding and Detection of RST Invariant Watermarks Kieran Larkin, Peter Fletcher
130 Nothing But a Kiss: A Novel and Accurate Approach to Assessing the Performance of Multidimensional Distortion-Compensated Dither Modulation Felix Balado, Fernando Pérez-González
132 Practical Oblivious Transfer Protocols Christian Tobias
133 Detecting Hidden Messages Using Higher-Order Statistics and Support Vector Machines Hany Farid, Siwei Lyu
134 Steganalysis of JPEG Images: Breaking the F5 Algorithm Jessica Fridrich, Miroslav Goljan, Dorin Hogea
137 Chaffinch: Confidentiality in the Face of Legal Threats Richard Clayton, George Danezis
140 Hiding Intrusions: From the abnormal to the normal and beyond Kymie Tan, John McHugh, Kevin Killourhy
141 A Steganographic Embedding Undetectable by JPEG Compatibility Steganalysis Ira Moskowitz, Murali Brahmadesam, Richard Newman
143 Steganography Preserving Statistical Properties Elke Franz
147 Security of Public Watermarking Schemes for Binary Sequences Qiming Li, Ee-Chien Chang
152 Natural Language Watermarking and Tamperproofing Mikhail Atallah, Victor Raskin, Christian F. Hempelmann, Mercan Karahan, Radu Sion, Umut Topkara, Katrina E. Triezenberg
154 Cryptanalysis of UCLA Watermarking Schemes for Intellectual Property Protection Tri Le-Van, Yvo Desmedt
155 Eliminating Steganography in Internet Traffic with Active Wardens Gina Fisk, Mike Fisk, Christos Papadopoulos, Joshua Neil
158 Detection of LSB Steganography via Sample Pair Analysis Xiaolin Wu, Sorina Dumitrescu , Zhe Wang
176 Rotation, scale, and translation invariant watermark using bispectrum invariants Hyung Shin Kim, Yunju Baek, Heung-Kyu Lee, Young-Ho Suh
179 Robust Watermarking and Affine Registration of 3D Meshes Oliver Benedens
180 Cryptanalysis of Discrete-Sequence Spread Spectrum Watermarks M. Kivanç Mihçak, Ramarathnam Venkatesan, Mustafa Kesal
186 From a Trickle to a Flood: Active Attacks on Several Mix Types Andrei Serjantov, Roger Dingledine, Paul Syverson
189 Limits of Anonymity in Open Environments Dogan Kesdogan, Dakshi Agrawal, Stefan Penz
191 Robustness and Efficiency of Non-Linear Side-Informed Watermarking Guénolé Silvestre, Neil Hurley
194 Hiding Data in DNA Boris Shimanovsky, Jessica Feng, Miodrag Potkonjak
195 Audio Watermark Robustness to Desynchronization via Beat Detection Darko Kirovski, Hagai Attias
196 Detectors for Echo Hiding Systems Scott Craver, Bede Liu, Wayne Wolf


Saturday, 23 November 2002 04:12 -0000