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Workshop on Information Hiding

Hotel Elbflorenz, Dresden, Germany

Sept. 29 - Oct. 1, 1999

List of accepted papers

68 papers have been submitted, out of which the PC selected 33 for presentation. To open the floor to additional ideas, a rump session is scheduled for Wednesday late afternoon.

Chaffing at the Bit: Thoughts on a Note by Ronald Rivest
John McHugh (Portland State University)

Protecting Secret Keys in a Compromised Computational System
W. P. R. Mitchell (Univ. of Manchester)

Secure Steganographic Methods for Palette Images
Jiri Fridrich, Du Rui (SUNY Binghamton)

Zero Knowledge Watermark Detection
Scott Craver (Princeton University)

Error- and Collusion-Secure Fingerprinting for Digital Data
Hans-Jürgen Guth, Birgit Pfitzmann (Univ. des Saarlandes)

Hiding Signatures in Graph Coloring Solutions
Gang Qu, Miodrag Potkonjak (Univ. of California)

Covert Information Transmission through the Use of Standard Collision Resolution Algorithms
Talat Mert Dogu, Anthony Ephremides (Univ. of Maryland)

The Cocaine Auction Protocol: On The Power Of Anonymous Broadcast
Frank Stajano, Ross Anderson (Univ. of Cambridge)

Fast Robust Template Matching for Affine Resistant Image Watermarks
Shelby Pereira, Thierry Pun (Univ. of Geneva)

One-Time Hash Steganography
Natori Shin (Univ. of Tokyo)

An Asymmetric Public Detection Watermarking Technique
Teddy Furon, Pierre Duhamel (Thomson multimedia France, Ecole Nat. Sup. des Télécommunications de Paris)

Computing the Probability of False Watermark Detection
Matt L. Miller, Jeffrey A. Bloom (Signafy Inc. Princeton)

A Stochastic Approach to Content Adaptive Digital Image Watermarking
Sviatoslav Voloshynovskiy, Alexander Herrigel, Nazanin Baumgaertner, Thierry Pun (Univ. of Geneva, DCT Zurich)

Nonbinary Audio Cryptography
Yvo Desmedt, Tri V. Le, Jean-Jacques Quisquater (Univ. of Wisconsin, Univ. Catholique de Louvain)

A Bayesian Approach To Affine Transformation Resistant Image and Video Watermarking
Gabriella Csurka, Frédéric Deguillaume, Joseph J. K. O Ruanaidh, Thierry Pun (Univ. of Geneva, Siemens Corp. Research Princeton)

Robust Watermarking for Images Based on Color Manipulation
Sebastiano Battiato, Dario Catalano, Giovanni Gallo, Rosario Gennaro (Univ. di Catania, IBM T.J.Watson Res. Center)

Recovery of Watermarks from Distorted Images
Neil F. Johnson, Zoran Duric, Sushil Jajodia (George Mason Univ.)

Optimum Decoding of Non-additive Full Frame DFT Watermarks
A. De Rosa, M. Barni, F. Bartolini, V. Capellini, A. Piva (Univ. of Florence, Univ. of Siena)

Enhanced Intellectual Property Protection for Digital Circuits on Programmable Hardware
John Lach, William H. Mangione-Smith, Miodrag Potkonjak (Univ. of California)

Proving Ownership of Digital Content
André Adelsbach, Birgit Pfitzmann, Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi (Univ. des Saarlandes)

Cocktail Watermarking on Images
Chun-Shien Lu, Hong-Yuan Mark Liao, Shih-Kun Huang, Chwen-Jye Sze (Academia Sinica)

An Information-Theoretic Approach to Steganography and Watermarking
Thomas Mittelholzer (IBM Zurich Res. Lab)

Performance Improvement of Spread Spectrum Based Image Watermarking
Schemes Through M-ary Modulation Martin Kutter (EPF Lausanne)

Watermark Detection after Quantization Attacks
Joachim J. Eggers, Bernd Girod (Univ. Erlangen-Nuremberg)

Software DisEngineering: Program Hiding Architecture and Experiments
Enriquillo Valdez, Moti Yung (Polyt. Univ. Brooklyn, CertCo New York)

An Entropy-Based Framework for Database Inference
Ira S. Moskowitz, LiWu Chang (Naval Research Lab)

Content-based Watermarking for Image Authentication
P. Lamy, J. Martinho, T. Rosa, M.P. Queluz (Instituto Superior Técnico Lisboa)

StegFS: A Steganographic File System for Linux
Andrew D. McDonald, Markus G. Kuhn (Univ. of Cambridge)

Steganography Secure against Cover-Stego-Attacks
Elke Franz, Andreas Pfitzmann (Dresden Univ. of Technology)

On the Design of a Watermarking System: Considerations and Rationales
Jean-Paul Linnartz, Geert Depovere, Ton Kalker (Philips Research Labs Eindhoven)

Robust Object Watermarking: Application to Code
Julien P. Stern, Gael Hachez, Francois Koeune, Jean-Jacques Quisquater (Univ. Catholique de Louvain, Univ. de Paris-Sud)

Developments in Steganography
Joshua R. Smith, Chris Dodge (Escher Labs Cambridge)

Attacks on Steganographic Systems: Breaking the Steganographic Utilities EzStego, Jsteg, Steganos, and S-Tools - and some Lessons Learned
Andreas Westfeld, Andreas Pfitzmann (Dresden Univ. of Technology)

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